Steampunk is a genre which

originated during the 1980s and early

1990s and incorporates elements of

science fiction, fantasy, alternate

history, horror, and speculative fiction. more

Dr. Steel presents a forum to

showcase artist's designs and links to

thier websites for purchasing.

Community is links to blogs and

the latest informatin on conventions

and things with Steampunk theams.


Top hats and Bowlers

Which one for the occassion?

Our artists have more new designs from

the period that never was.

Richardsy Monsart has outdone himself

with his new Bowler.

Go to Hats for all the designs, and then

visit their websites.


These do more than keep dust out of

your eyes.

Many have telescoping or magnification

abilities to satisfy the curious needs of

the scientist.

Some can even be used for the defense

when boarded by pirates trying to steal

the latest discoveries.


Wrist and pocket watches from the

vault of the imagination

These watch designs resemble the

make-shift plumbing used to get her

majesty’s undefeatable HMS Airship

Buckingham underway.

Defending the Queen or seeing when

the next train will arrive has never

been so stylish, or adventurous.